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Advertise with Dallas Ski Club!

                                  GET 20-30% DISCOUNT


The Dallas Ski Club, with a membership of nearly 500 offers three different media in which businesses can advertise...our annual Directory, our bi-monthly Newsletter (The Powder Hound), and/or here...on our Website. The Club thanks everyone who already has an ad and encourages more of the membership to participate. To promote placing ads in more than one media, there is discount of 20% of the total bill if placing two ads and for all three media, the discount is 30% of the total.


The Directory 


Our Directory is printed in October, and Ads for it must be received by August 15. Directory Ads are in color. Ad space for the covers and first inside page is not available at this time.



       FULL PAGE (7.5x5”) $200, HALF PAGE (3.5x5”) $150

       BUSINESS CARD INSIDE (3.5x2”) $100


The Powder Hound


Our newsletter, The Powder Hound, comes out digitally to our Dallas Ski Club members six times a year.  Ads may have a link that goes straight to your company website.   For an example of our Powder Hound, please go to this link May 2016 Powder Hound.


The Powder Hound is e-mailed the first week of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov. Ads must be received on or before the 5th of the month before the month in which the Powder is published. Your Ad will run in six sequential Powder Hounds.



Powder Hound Ads cost $100 for business card size (approx. 3.5x2”) or $150 for a 1/3 page size (approx. 3.5x7).



The Website


Website Ads are business card size (3.5x2”) and appear at the bottom of each Website page. They change each time a user goes to a page, with your Ad appearing about every 4 – 5 clicks (you can see examples on this website).  Clicking on your Ad will take the viewer to your website if you provide the link.


Website ads also appear (without rotating) under Advertisers” on this link to view the Advertising page Advertisers.  You may add a promotional/sales paragraph to appear with your Ad on this page. 

Twelve Months for $150

Click of the following link for the form to order an ad: Ad Order Form 2016
Thank you for Advertising with the Dallas Ski Club
For more details & pricing contact our VP of Marketing, Jim Piot:

Phone: 214-417-8222 Email:

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